6/18/17 Christian Servants & Masters

“Are you a servant?  You are called to obey your earthly masters, your employers.  But do not just obey reluctantly, out of necessity or the desire to please people.  Obey and work hard, doing your best in everything you are asked to do with all your heart, out of the love and respect you have for God, as if all that you do is done for Him.  Because you are really servants of God, and your earthly masters or employers are His agents.  So do all that is asked of you as the will of God, from your heart, with joy, always doing your best so that your work will be a gift to God.  Then, even though you are working for God and not for people, your service will be a gift to both.  You know that whenever you do good, you will be repaid with good from God, no matter your station or status in your life on earth.  Masters, employers, treat your servants and employees with respect.  Honor them and the work that they do for you.  Do not threaten them, but treat them as you would like them to treat you.  Remember that you have a Master in Heaven, and strive to be toward your servants or employees what your Heavenly Master is to you – fair, honest, impartial, loving, respectful, and honorable .”


Ephesians 6:5-9


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