6/11/17 Called To A Greater Love

“Through Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, we have been forgiven of all sin and are now God’s children, loved and cherished by Him in a way that is so much greater than even the love that earthly parents have for their children.  Because we are God’s beloved children, we are called to a greater standard of love for Him and for each other.  We are called to love in the way that He loves us.  Jesus showed us how great His love is for us by willingly giving up everything for us – His Heavenly home, His status as the King of the Universe, His very life and connection to His Heavenly Father.  He endured hell for us.  Now, He calls us to be willing to sacrifice what is dearest to us out of love for each other.  We are to love each other in the same way that God, through Jesus, loves us, and by so doing, we are also showing our love for God, giving sacrificial love to each other as a gift for God.  This is the greatest gift we can give to our Heavenly Father, greater than songs sung to Him, sacrifices offered to Him, money given to Him, or works done in His Name.”


Ephesians 5:1-2


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