6/9/17 Act Like You Have Been Made New

“This is who you are now – a child of God, reborn with a new heart and new eyes.  I declare before God that this is true.  There was nothing that you had to do in order to earn this salvation and new life; in fact, there is nothing that any of us could ever do to earn it, because we are incapable of living lives free of sin.  But now that you have received this gift of salvation, do not continue to live as though you were never given it.  You are no longer walking around blind, as most of the world does, separated from God by their sinfulness, neither seeing nor understanding what is happening around them and in their own hearts, unable to feel even the pain their own sinfulness is causing them, giving themselves up to all sorts of sinful behaviors because it is the way of the world, and adding to the sinfulness of the world through their actions.  You are new creations in Jesus.  Your eyes have been opened to the truth and your hearts have been remade, turned from stone to flesh, inhabited now by the Holy Spirit.  You have heard the message of Jesus.  He Himself, through His apostles and through His Holy Spirit, has taught you, and you have begun to see and understand clearly for the first time ever.  Not in order to receive the gift of new life, but because you have been given this gift of new life, you must leave behind the sinful life you lived.  The old you was full of corruption, greed, and lustful desires, but you have been made new, and the Holy Spirit is working in your hearts to cleanse those things from you.  Let Him do this so that you will no longer desire sinfulness, but holiness and goodness.  Be made new in every part of your lives.  Discard the old selves and put on the new selves, as if you were throwing away dirty, torn clothing and putting on brand-new tailored suits, created just for you by God in order that you might attain the perfection that He wants for you.”


Ephesians 4:17-24


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