6/8/17 Working Together In Love

“Jesus called some of us to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to travel the world teaching His message to all people, some to be pastors and teachers.  He bestows gifts upon each of us so that we can work together to prepare each other to do His work and to build each other up as His church, His body, until we are united in our faith, and our faith in turn will make us certain in the knowledge of Jesus as God’s one and only Son.  This work of faith in our lives will continue, bringing us to the fullness of ourselves, making us who God created us to be by working in our hearts through the gifts He gives us.  He wants us to not stay children in our faith, influenced to turn this way and that by every new idea that comes our way, not susceptible to the deception of those who would seek to turn us away from our faith.  Instead, He wants us to be secure in the truth of God, lovingly speaking and acting out that truth to those around us in Jesus’ Name, so that we may ‘grow up,’ secure in our faith.  Jesus is the head of the church, and He unites all His children under Him as His body.  We, His body, work together in faith and love, each member doing his part to contribute to the whole body so that the whole body may grow and be built up in love.”


Ephesians 4:11-16


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