6/5/17 Paul’s Desire For The Ephesian Church

“So now I, Paul, a prisoner of Jesus for you Gentiles, bow my knees and my heart to God, the Father of our Messiah, Jesus, the one who is the Head of our family of faith, both on earth and in Heaven.  I pray that He would strengthen you both spiritually and physically through the Holy Spirit living within you, that He would live in your hearts and build you up in your faith, that your roots might be strong in His love, that He would share with you the riches of His glory in wisdom, so that you might see and understand how great His love is for you – the height and length and depth and width of His great love that, even when seen through the wisdom He grants you, is greater than anyone can ever know.  I pray that God would fill you up with Himself, through His love.  All glory and honor belongs to Him, in the church, through all of time and forever after, by His Son Jesus, and in His gracious love, power, and wisdom He is able to do infinitely more than we could ever ask or even imagine.  Amen.”


Ephesians 3:1, 14-21


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