6/4/17 God’s Grace To The Lowest Of His Servants

“It is astounding to me that God would grant His grace to me, that He would make me His apostle to the Gentiles, because I am the lowest of His servants, unworthy of this precious gift.  But that is exactly what He did, so that I could share with all the Gentiles the immeasurable and inexhaustible riches found in a life dedicated to Him through Jesus.  Not only that, but He entrusted me with the revealing of the mystery of Himself to all people, that mystery that has been hidden from everyone since the beginning, but which Jesus came to reveal to us.  This mystery is the will of God, and the relationship we were meant to have with Him, and can now have with Him through His Son, Jesus.  And through our reconciliation with God by the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf, we have the Holy Spirit within us, revealing God’s will and His wisdom to us, and in turn, giving us the privilege of revealing it to others who have not yet heard the message.  This was God’s plan for us since before He created all things, and it is being fulfilled through us, as we continue to tell the world about Jesus and His love and forgiveness.  Through Jesus, we now have what people have been wishing for since sin first entered the world – access to God.  Since you know all of this, I ask you to consider my imprisonment and my troubles as simply my service to Jesus to bring glory to Him and to you, His church, through Him.”


Ephesians 3:8-13


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