6/1/17 Jew & Gentile United In Jesus

“Jesus, The Prince of Peace, is peace itself for those of us who belong to Him.  The veil in the Temple that separated God and people is torn down by His sacrifice for us on the cross, as is the wall that separates Jews from Gentiles, men from women.  We who belong to Him are all one in Him.  He has taken the two groups, Jew and Gentile, and made them one, taking away all the discord between them and creating peace in its place.  The Law with its Commandments has served its purpose, showing us our sinful nature and our need for Someone who is without sin to stand in our place.  Now a new and infinitely better covenant takes its place, bringing all people together in love, instead of separating them in hate.  This new covenant doesn’t get rid of the Law, but it does fulfill the Law in a new and better way.  In the same way, Jesus doesn’t get rid of diversity in the human race, but simply unites it in Himself, through His sacrifice on the cross.  It is sin, that which has created the division and hatred between Jews and Gentiles all these years, that Jesus put to death on the cross.  He brought the same message of peace and forgiveness to those who were far away from God in their sinfulness as He brought to those who were near to Him as His sons, giving everyone everywhere the same opportunity to draw close to our Heavenly Father through the same Holy Spirit.”


Ephesians 2:14-18


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