5/31/17 Admitted To The Family Of God

“Once, you were Gentiles, living lives separated from God because of sin.  You were not part of God’s family, and the sinful nature of your bodily existence kept you from desiring Him, from wanting to be His children.  The Jews were the ones who were God’s special family, the Circumcised Ones, their own bodies showing their designation as His children.  You were the Uncircumcised, the Outsiders.  Though most of you hadn’t even heard of them, God’s promises meant nothing to you, because they did not apply to you.  There was no hope of everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven for you, no hope of redemption.  But now, you are circumcised by more than just a knife on your skin.  You have been spiritually circumcised, not by human hands, but by God Himself, through His Holy Spirit.  Now, because of Jesus’ sacrifice and your acceptance of it, you who were separated from God are now His own children, close to Him because of Jesus’ blood.”


Ephesians 2:11-13


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