5/28/17 Paul’s Prayer For The Ephesian Church

“After hearing of your faithfulness to our Messiah, Jesus, and your love for all our brothers and sisters in Him, I have prayed and thanked God for you continually, asking God, the Father of our Messiah Jesus and our own Heavenly Father, would give to you, through His Holy Spirit, wisdom.  I ask that He would reveal Himself to you, giving you the knowledge and understanding that will enable you to know without a doubt the work that He is calling you to do, the incredible glorious riches that He is sharing with all His children, how great is His power for those of us who put our faith in Jesus, evidenced through the power He shared with Jesus through His miracles here on earth and His ascension from death to life, now being seated with God at God’s right hand in the Kingdom of Heaven, far above all the kingdoms and powers of the rulers here on earth, above every other name, past, present, and future.  God made Jesus the ruler of all, putting everything in all of creation under Him, making Him the leader of His body, which is the church.  When the end of time comes, and all those who God has called to be His own have come to Him, then it will be a complete circle – the entirety of God will be present both in His Son (the head) and His church (the body), and we will at last be complete and whole as we were created to be.”


Ephesians 1:15-23


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