5/27/17 God’s Mystery Revealed To Us

“God wants to share the mystery of Himself and His will with us, and He does this through Jesus.  But although we, through the working in our hearts of the Holy Spirit, can know Him, we will never fully understand Him until we enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Only then, at the end of time, when God’s will for us is fulfilled completely in the great reunion of all of His redeemed creation, will we be given the perfect minds and bodies that will be capable of understanding the things that we can only faintly glimpse now.  Not only has He called us to be His own from before the beginning of the world, but He has made us, along with His Son, heirs of His Kingdom.  In His perfect will, He called us, who were the first of those who will put their faith in Jesus to save them from the penalty for their sins, to be His ambassadors, so that through us many more people would come to faith in His Son and praise God for His glorious grace and mercy to His children.  You trusted in Him after hearing His message and seeing the truth of His words.  This message became the good news that led to your salvation from sin, and when you believed you were given the gift of the Holy Spirit.  He is like a seal on your heart of the promise of Heaven, the guarantor of the inheritance we are promised with Jesus, until all is complete in God’s plan and the promise is fulfilled, and we can give all the glory and praise to our God face to face.”


Ephesians 1:9-14


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