5/26/17 The Riches Of God’s Grace & Mercy

“We, as humans, have all been enslaved by sin since the beginning when Adam and Eve disobeyed God.  In order to be reconciled to God, in order to be with Him again in the loving relationship we are meant to have with Him, someone had to offer a perfect sacrifice on behalf of the human race in order to pay the penalty for all the sins of the world.  God gave us a glimpse of what that sacrifice must be when He taught the Jews to sacrifice animals as payment for their sins, but this was not the perfect sacrifice that all mankind needed to completely restore our relationship with God.  So He sent Jesus to be our perfect sacrifice, delivering us out of the slavery of sin and back to the perfect, loving relationship with God that we were created to have.  God shares the riches of His grace and mercy with all His children freely, out of His great love for us.  He fills us up with His love and the joy of our redemption from sin, from which His wisdom and good judgment overflow.”


Ephesians 1:7-8


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