5/24/17 Encouragement To Archippus

“After you have read my letter, would you please pass it along to the brothers and sisters at the church in Laodicea?  They in turn will pass the letter I am sending to them along to you.  Please pass along an exhortation from me to your brother Archippus, son of Philemon, who has been entrusted with ministering to the Laodicean church, just as his father Philemon has been ministering to you in Colossae.  Encourage him to persevere in the service he has been called to, working diligently for the brothers and sisters in his charge for the Lord, so that he and all the brothers and sisters may be steadfast in their true faith, and on the day that God calls them to the Kingdom of Heaven they may be presented to Him as His faithful servants.  I, Paul, write this last greeting to you in my own handwriting.  I pray that you remember me in my captivity in your prayers.  I pray that God’s grace would be with you always, Amen.”


Colossians 4:16-18


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