5/22/17 Tychicus and Onesimus

“I am sending this letter with two men who I love dearly as brothers in our Lord.  Tychicus has been with me here for quite a while and will be able to tell you about me and about all that has happened lately.  He is a faithful servant of our Messiah and has been a great help and comfort to me.  But I am sending him now to you so that he may be of service to you as he has been to me, and also so that he may return to me with a good report from you of all that is happening there.  The other brother I am sending to you is one of your own, although when he left you he was not yet a brother in our Lord.  Onesimus is returning to you as a child of God, forgiven and set free from the sins that had enslaved him before he left you, and is now a faithful and beloved brother in Jesus.  These two men will bring to you my love and greetings, as well as the news from Rome, with this letter.”


Colossians 4:7-9


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