5/16/17 You Have Been Made New – Now Be New

“Get rid of anger, blind rage, desiring evil towards others, speaking lies to or about others, gossiping, and using foul language.  You have crucified your old selves and that includes the things that you did as sinful creatures before belonging to Jesus.  Now God has made you new in Jesus, not just in spirit, but in your minds, and by extension of those two things, in your deeds.  You have the Holy Spirit within you now, working in you to make you more like Jesus every day, giving you the wisdom and knowledge you need in order to transform you from the sinful people you were to the perfect people God created you to be.  You know that in Jesus, it does not matter whether who you were before you came to Him – Jew or Gentile, slave or free, educated or uneducated.  All have sinned, all need a savior, all who come to Jesus asking Him to save them will be saved.  Jesus is the creator and sustainer of all.”


Colossians 3:8-11


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