5/15/17 It’s Better To Cut Off Your Hand Than To Keep Sinning With It

“Because you have crucified your old sinful nature along with Jesus, those parts of you that are inclined to sinful behavior – adultery, uncontrolled passions, evil desires, placing more importance on earthly things than on God – must  be crucified as well.  Though taken separately, each sinful act may seem small and unimportant in comparison to things like murder, God does not look at them like that.  Sin is sin, no matter what kind or how big, and its effect is to separate us from God.  God hates sin because it takes His children away from Him, and His anger burns against those who encourage others to participate in sin.  Before you belonged to Jesus, you had given yourselves over to lives filled with sin.  But now, as new creations in Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit living within you, you must get rid of any sin that is still a part of your life, because that sin is holding you back from a pure relationship with God.”


Colossians 3:5-7


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