5/14/17 Live As An Extension Of Jesus

“If you have put your sinful nature to death with Jesus and have been raised with him to new life, show that you are a new creation.  Jesus is now in Heaven, seated on His heavenly throne at the right hand of God.  If we are to put God first, taking as the most important commandment to love Him with all our hearts, souls, strength, and minds, that means we make our relationship with Him the most important thing in our lives, and we try to look at everything from a Heavenly, eternal perspective.  Instead of dwelling on earthly matters, we need to be concentrating on what we can do here on earth that will have eternal significance.  The old you died with Jesus, and your new life is a part of the mystery of God, known only to those who belong to Him through His Son, Jesus.  We live our lives now through the leading of the Holy Spirit who lives within us.  He sustains us, giving us everything that we need for our physical bodies, just as He did before we came to belong to Him.  But now He also sustains us spiritually, teaching us who He is and who we are meant to be in Him, and helping us to live the way we were created to live, in love and in unity with Him and with each other.  Because we live in Him and through Him, when the end of the world comes, we who belong to Him will be taken to be with Him for eternity.”


Colossians 3:1-4


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