5/11/17 Circumcision Of The Heart

“In Judaism, circumcision is performed to show that a person belongs to God.  It is supposed to be an outward symbol of the state of someone’s heart.  But when you gave your lives to Jesus, you were circumcised in a different way – He circumcised your hearts.  He washed away your sins through His sacrifice on the cross and made you into new creatures in Him.  As an outward sign of this inward change, you were baptized.  Baptism is the Christian’s outward sign of the changes that have taken place in your hearts.  When we go under the water, it represents the death and burial of our old sinful nature, just as when Jesus died on the cross He put all sin to death.  When we come up out of the water, it represents resurrection to new life in Jesus, just as God raised Jesus from death to new life.  In God’s eyes, you were dead because you were uncircumcised, sinful Gentiles.  But now, through your faith in Jesus, you have received real life in Him, forgiveness of your sins, and a fresh start with a clean record, as if you had never sinned in the first place.  He removed all our sin and nailed it to the cross, where it will remain forever.  Satan thought he was gaining victory over Jesus by subjecting Him to the humiliation of death on the cross.  But in willingly going to the cross, Jesus actually won the victory over Satan.  He defeated the powers of Satan, of sin, of all the kings and kingdoms of this world, who value riches and worldly power over anything else, by His humility and willing submission to God’s authority.  And in His humble sacrifice, He showed the worldly authorities for what they were – pawns of Satan with no ultimate power.”


Colossians 2:11-15


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