5/10/17 Beware Of Worldly Philosophy

“I want you to do all you can to continue to live out your faith wholeheartedly, with that same fire in your hearts that you had when you first received the Holy Spirit.  Let God, along with your brothers and sisters in Jesus, and His church around the world be your roots, strengthening you in your faith, in your love and service to each other, and in your worship and prayer to God.  Grow in faith, and in the knowledge of our Messiah, continuing just as you have been taught, with thankful hearts.  Be careful to steer clear of those who would seek to turn you away from God, using trickery and philosophy.  Philosophy deals with traditions and principles of the world, instead of the things of God.  Only in Jesus can you find, and become, all that you were created to be, because only in Him is found all the attributes of God.  He is not only the head of His church, but of all that ever was, is now, and is to come.  In Him alone can you be complete, because in Him alone lies all the goodness and power needed to complete each one of us.”


Colossians 2:6-10


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