5/8/17 Honored To Suffer For Jesus

“Even though I am now suffering as a prisoner because I have carried the message of Jesus to the Gentiles, I have joy in my heart because of you and your faithfulness to our Messiah.  I also rejoice because I am counted worthy to suffer for my Lord, and for the sake of His body, the church.  I am His child, by His grace and mercy, and where He sends me I will go willingly.  He called me to be an apostle for Him, and I am honored that He would entrust me with the care of His church, and with the message that He gave to us to spread to everyone all around the world.  This message was hidden from the world from the beginning of time until Jesus came and revealed the mystery to all who would hear and believe.  God is overjoyed to reveal this mystery to all who put their faith in His Son for the forgiveness of their sins, whether Jews or Gentiles.  All who believe in the power of Jesus to cleanse us from the guilt of our sins receives the Holy Spirit, Jesus living within our hearts, and the hope of the promise of eternal life with Jesus in the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.  When we go around the world and share this message of joy, we are telling people who Jesus is, sharing Him with them.  We present all aspects of His message, warning people of the consequences of continuing in their sinful lives without Jesus’ forgiveness, and also presenting the amazing riches that Jesus gives to all who will put their trust in Him to forgive sins.  We ask God to impart His wisdom to all of His children, so that each of us who believes will appear before God in the Kingdom of Heaven as His perfect child, forgiven and cleansed of sins by the power and love of His Son, Jesus.  It is for this purpose that I work every day, doing all I can both for and through the Holy Spirit, who does great things within me.


Colossians 1:24-29


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