5/7/17 Short of Renouncing Your Faith, There Is Nothing You Can Do To Lose Your Salvation

“You Gentiles, who were once strangers and even enemies of God through your sinful minds and deeds, He has now made His own children through the willing death of His own body, in order to make you clean and set you apart from those who continue to make themselves His enemies through their sinful nature.  You are holy, as He is holy.  You are innocent of all sin in His sight.  What is more, you cannot now do anything that would make you guilty in His sight and make you once again His enemy, as long as you remain steady in your faith, holding tightly to the Word of God that you have been learning and taking to heart, that message of Jesus that is given to all creatures on earth through the love of God, and which He has in His grace and mercy sent me to teach to you.”


Colossians 1:21-23


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