5/3/17 Another Letter

Paul finishes his letter to Philemon, signs and seals it, and gives it to Onesimus.  “Now that I think of it, this is a good opportunity to send a letter to the Colossian church as well.  I have received word that there have been some problems there, which I would like to address.  Will you postpone your return until I write it?  Are you willing to carry another letter for me, my son?”  “Of course,” Onesimus tells Paul.  Paul immediately begins dictating a letter to the Colossian church.  “I, Paul, apostle of our Lord Jesus by God’s will, and our brother in faith, Timothy, greet our brothers and sisters of the Colossian church, asking the Lord to grand you His grace and His peace.  We know of the love in your hearts for all of the brothers and sisters in faith, and of your strong faith in our Messiah.  You hold the hope of Heaven in your hearts, that hope that filled you when you first heard the message of Jesus’ love and His truth, and because of this hope, the love in your hearts, and your faith in Jesus, you are doing good works in Jesus’ Name.  We know that you have learned much of Jesus’ message from Epaphras, our dear brother and fellow servant of Jesus, who has served you in Jesus’ Name and brought word of your love and faith to us.  Because of this, we always remember you in our prayers, giving thanks to God, our Heavenly Father and the Father of Jesus, our Messiah, for you.”


Colossians 1:1-8


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