5/2/17 Closing Arguments

“If I am your brother and fellow worker in the faith, I exhort you to welcome Onesimus back into your house as you would me.  If he owes anything to you, or has done any damage to you or your home, consider it my debt and no longer his.  I, Paul, write this personally, to assure you that I will settle this debt personally.  I also remind you, though only as a means to further persuade you in your forgiveness and acceptance of Onesimus, that you owe your very salvation to me.  Please, my brother, bring me the joy that will come from knowing that Onesimus has been favorably received by you and your household.  It will uplift my heart.  I write this, confident that you will do this, and even more besides.  And I believe that through your prayers for me, I may be freed from my captivity and might join you at your home in Colossai, so in faith, I ask that you might prepare a room for me.  With me now are some fellow workers in the faith, Epaphras, a fellow prisoner for Jesus, as well as Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke, and they all send their greetings as well.  I pray that the grace of our Lord and Messiah, Jesus, would be with you.  Amen.”


Philemon 1:17-25


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