4/29/17 Time To Face The Music

The day soon comes when Paul tells Onesimus it is time for him to return home.  “You have grown in your new faith.  You’ve learned much in your time here, and your heart is ready for what you know you must do.  I know your master, having had the privilege to meet and work with him while I was in Ephesus.  I will write a letter to Philemon and Apphia that you can take to them, explaining what has transpired and asking them to receive you favorably.  I shall miss you, my son, and you will be faithfully in my prayers.”  Onesimus, though reluctant to leave Paul and apprehensive about the reception waiting for him back home, knows that Paul is correct.  He has become a completely different man.  He knows that he deserves to be imprisoned, or worse, for what he did to his master and mistress, but he is determined to make it right.  As Paul begins dictating his letter to Philemon and Apphia, Onesimus sinks to his knees to pray.  “I, Paul, a prisoner for the sake of Jesus our Messiah, along with our brother Timothy, send greetings to you, Philemon, our beloved friend and fellow laborer in the faith, to Apphia, our beloved sister in faith, to Archippus, our fellow soldier for Jesus, and to all the church that meets in your house.  I ask our Lord and Messiah, Jesus, and God our Father to grant you His grace and His peace.”

Philemon 1:1-3, Matthew Henry Commentary


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