4/25/17 Paul Speaks To The Roman Jews

The Roman Jews look at each other, puzzled.  One of them steps forward and tells Paul, “We have heard nothing about you, either good or bad.  No letters concerning you have come to us from Judea, and even when we’ve had visitors from Judea, nobody has said anything about you.  We are intrigued by what you say, and we would like to hear more.  We have heard of this new religious group, but we’ve only heard negative things about it.  At this time next week, we will hold a gathering to hear what you have to say on the matter, if you are in agreement.”  Paul agrees and spends most of the next week in prayer, hoping that he might persuade at least some of these Roman Jews that Jesus of Nazareth is really the Messiah the Jews have been waiting and hoping for since the beginning of the world.  When the appointed day arrives, Jews from all over the city come to Paul’s house to hear his message about Jesus.  Paul speaks to them of the prophecies in the Scriptures concerning the coming of the Messiah.  He reminds them of all the places in the Torah where Moses foreshadows the coming Messiah, and how even the Law of Moses teaches us about Him.  Paul talks to the Jews about the Kingdom of Heaven and the only way to be assured of a place there – by believing that Jesus paid the penalty for the sins of all the world when He willingly gave Himself up to be crucified.  Paul speaks passionately from early morning until late in the evening, patiently explaining every detail.  In the end, the Jews are divided – some believe Paul, convinced by the evidence of Scripture that he has cited, but others are still skeptical.


Acts 28:21-24


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