4/24/17 Beginning Again

Paul takes three days to settle in to his new home, and to rest and regain some of his strength after the long journey.  Then he goes out into the Jewish sector of Rome, accompanied by his guard and Luke, and asks for an audience with the Jewish leaders in the city.  They grant him audience, and as soon as the assembly is gathered, Paul stands before them and speaks to them.  “Men, my brothers, I come to you today as a prisoner, and I wish to explain to you why I am here.  I was seized by several Jews from Asia while in Jerusalem and accused of all manner of things which I have never done.  I was given over to the Romans as a prisoner, and stood trial before the governor of Judea.  He found me innocent of all charges and would have let me go, but for the tumult this caused among the Jews who wanted me dead.  Because of this, I appealed to Caesar – not because I wanted to do anything against my people, the Jews, but only to prove my innocence before all who would accuse me wrongfully.  It is because of the hope that we Jews have of the coming of our Messiah that I am coming to you today as a prisoner, and it is about this hope that I wish to speak to you.”


Acts 28:17-20


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