4/23/17 Thanks Be To God For A Safe End To The Journey

They travel from Puteoli to Rome by land, and when they arrive at the Appii Forum and the Three Inns, they are once again met by a large group of Roman believers.  The Roman church had a message from the believers in Puteoli, where Paul and Luke stayed before continuing on, and they are ready and waiting when the men arrive in Rome.  Paul’s spirits are lifted when he looks up and sees the large group waiting to welcome them.  He stops in the middle of the road to thank God for His provisions.  Upon reaching the city, Centurion Julius leads all the prisoners to the captain of the guard, officially handing them off.  Paul, however, remains semi-free.  He is under guard twenty-four hours a day, but he is allowed to rent a small house and live there on his own, except for that soldier guarding him.  Luke stays with him, assisting Paul in every way he can, while at the same time meticulously noting every detail of the grueling trip they have just endured.


Acts 28:15-16


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