4/22/17 Italy At Last

They stay on Malta for the winter, and three months later the seas are safe to travel once more.  Centurion Julius secures passage for all the men on an Alexandrian ship with a figurehead of Castor and Pollux, the twin sons of Zeus in Greek mythology, who are said to protect sailors on the sea.  This ship had also spent the winter on the island with them.  They set sail with good spirits, landing first in Syracuse on the island of Sicily, where they stay for three days.  They set out again, sailing around Sicily to the harbor at Rhegium, on the southern end of Italy.  They decide to wait there to make sure they have good conditions to sail onward through the Straits of Messina, the waterway between Sicily and Italy.  They only have to wait one day before the wind changes, blowing from the south, and they set out again.  They sail one more day and arrive at the port of Puteoli, near Pompeii.  It is the biggest and most important port in Italy, and the Alexandrian ship docks amid many other commercial ships, including some bearing grain from Egypt.  A group of Italian believers meets them, apparently expecting their arrival.  They are very excited to meet Paul, having heard stories of his work throughout Asia.  They invite Paul and Luke to stay with them, and they do so for a week before continuing on to Rome.


Acts 28:11-14


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