4/21/17 Paul Heals The Maltans

Publius, the governor of Malta, invites Paul, Luke, Centurion Julius, and a few of the other men from the ship to stay with him at his home.  He is a gracious host, and the guests feel quite comfortable in his home.  After they have been there for three days, Paul discovers that Publius’ father is very ill.  He has contracted a fever and bacterial dysentery from infected goat’s milk, a common malady on the island.  As soon as he hears of this, Paul goes to the man, laying his hands on him and praying over him, and immediately the man is healed.  There is great rejoicing in the governor’s house that night, and word of Publius’ father’s healing spreads quickly through the island.  The next day, a great crowd of people comes to the governor’s house in search of Paul.  They have brought all the people on the island with diseases, hoping that Paul might heal them as well.  Paul is very busy all day, praying over all these people, and all of them are healed in Jesus’ Name.  The Maltans hold a celebration in Paul’s honor and shower him with gifts to thank him for healing so many people.


Acts 28:7-10


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