4/18/17 Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire

The sailors scan the island they are approaching, searching for a safe place to run the ship aground.  Nobody knows what island this may be, but now that the storm is finally past and the sun fully risen, they have a good view of the land.  They find an inlet with a sandy beach, and they determine that this is probably the safest place to bring the ship in.  They cut the ropes holding the anchors to the ship, letting them drop into the sea.  They raise the main sail and loosen the ropes holding the rudder, and when all is ready, they steer the ship toward the sandy beach.  There is a smaller island just off of the large one they are sailing toward, and the water is much shallower than they anticipated.  The water in that area is still quite rough, after the storm that has just passed through.  As they near the shore, the ship gets stuck in the muddy ground between the two islands, and the waves begin to crash against the ship, splintering many boards.  Chaos ensues as fear once again grips the men.  The ship is stuck fast, and these waves are about to destroy it.  Will they be destroyed along with the ship?


Acts 27:39-41


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