4/17/17 Lifting Their Spirits

As the sun begins to rise, Paul once again stands in the midst of the weary travelers.  “Men, we have been in this storm for two whole weeks now, and on short rations the whole time.  We are all weak from hunger and exhaustion.  But my God has told me that we will all safely reach land today.  That means that it is important for all of us to eat regular rations today, so that we will have the strength to get to the island.  I assure you that God will not allow any of us to be harmed – not even a hair on any one of our heads.”  Paul walks over to a barrel of food, picks up a loaf of bread, thanks God for it, and begins to eat.  All the men watching Paul see how confident he is, and they follow his example.  Every one of the two hundred seventy-six men on the ship eats a full meal for the first time in two weeks, and they all begin to feel better.  After their meal, they once again go through the ship and toss anything they can spare overboard – including the cargo of wheat that they are supposed to be bringing to Rome, since the ship obviously won’t make it there now.


Acts 27:33-38


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