4/16/17 Saved?

Two weeks have now gone by, with winds buffeting the ship around the Adriatic Sea.  Most of the crew is now sleeping – or at least attempting to do so – but the sailors on the night watch are on alert.  It is just about midnight when suddenly men are awakened by shouts of “Land!” from the sailors on duty.  Everyone scrambles to the bow of the ship, where the sailors are measuring the depth of the sea.  The first measurement is determined to be twenty fathoms, then fifteen a few minutes later.  At that point, they drop four anchors from the stern of the ship, hoping to keep from crashing into the rocks.  The next few hours seem like an eternity as they wait for daylight.  Some of the sailors get together and make a plan to escape from the ship stealthily.  “Let’s tell them that we’re going to drop anchors in the bow of the ship, and then we can let down the lifeboat and escape on it.”  But Paul sees what they are doing and tells Centurion Julius, “These men are trying to escape the ship, but if they do, we will not all be saved.”  The soldiers, angry looks on their faces, cut the ropes holding the lifeboat onto the ship, letting it fall to the sea below.


Acts 27:27-32


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