4/15/17 “We’re All Going To Die!”

After several days and nights, the food supplies are running low.  Some of the food must be cooked, but there is no way to do that in the middle of the storm, so it is basically useless to them.  Everyone has been on short rations of both food and water, not to mention rest.  The men have just about given up hope that they will survive, and are crying out to every god they can think of to save them.  Paul, meanwhile, has been below deck, in constant prayer.  Now he joins his shipmates on deck.  He stands in the middle of the group of despairing men and speaks to them in a loud voice.  “Men, I warned you before we set out that this would happen, and you did not listen to me.  If you had, we would be safe on Crete right now with an intact ship, plenty of food and water, and your full complement of supplies.  That is in the past, and there’s nothing we can do to change it now.  But you can listen to my counsel this time.  I have been praying urgently to the God I serve, and He has sent an angel to bring me news.  The angel stood beside me, just a few moments ago, and told me, ‘Don’t be afraid.  The ship will be lost, but everyone aboard will be saved.  I will bring you safely to Rome to stand before Caesar, and all those with you.’  So be courageous, because what my God promises He always fulfills.  The ship will be lost, beached on an island, but we will all be saved.”


Acts 27:21-26


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