4/14/17 Into The Storm

The first thing they do is try to bring the lifeboat aboard.  The little boat has been tied behind the ship and made it much more difficult to sail through the storm.  The little boat is now extremely heavy, as the storm has filled it with water, and it takes the effort of everyone onboard to pull it up, drain it, and get it onto the ship.  The next order of business is to get heavy cables and wrap the ship with them, making it sturdier in the sea and less likely to spring leaks when it is thrashed by the waves.  When this is accomplished, they trim the sail and set out again, since the little shelter the island is providing will not be enough to get them through the winter.  But they have to be careful now, because they know that the path of the wind will take them dangerously close to the quicksand on the shores of Cyrene.  They hold tight to the ropes, watching with eagle eyes as the wind of the storm drives them onward, tossing the ship about like a rag doll.  After another day of this, they know that they have no choice but to throw overboard anything that can be spared.  But it is not enough.  On the third day, the ship’s tackle, normally used to control the sails when they are fully extended, are thrown overboard.  Still, it is not enough.  The storm rages on, day after day, with no reprieve in sight, and all onboard begin to despair for their lives.


Acts 27:16b-20


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