4/13/17 A Favorable Wind

When the wind changes course, now blowing softly in from the south, they see it as a sign that they will have a smooth voyage.  They set sail immediately, though still hugging the coastline in case the wind changes again.  They sail around the island of Crete without incident, but just as they begin to head toward the harbor of Phoenix, the wind changes again.  A fierce northeast wind from the island begins to whip the sea into a frenzy.  Unable to sail into the wind and head back to Crete, the captain steers the ship toward Clauda, another island in the path of the wind.  Clauda is about twenty-three miles southwest of Crete, and by the time they reach the island, everyone is desperately hoping for a safe place to wait out the remainder of the storm.  They steer the boat carefully toward the shore, finding shelter under the lee.  They drop anchor gratefully, relieved to have at least a brief reprieve from the storm.  But they can’t rest yet – this little shelter will not be enough.  They have to hurry and make the ship more stable if they are to have any chance of surviving this storm.


Acts 27:13-16a


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