4/12/17 Danger Ahead!

It is almost October by now, the fast of the Day of Atonement over, and the autumn storms make sailing much more dangerous.  Paul, having been in shipwrecks three times before, during his travels around Asia, is not eager to experience another.  He goes to Julius, who is planning the next stage of their voyage with the soldiers who are accompanying them on the journey to Rome.  “Sirs, I have had some experience with sailing in this part of the world, and I must warn you that if we continue on now, we will meet with disaster.  We will likely lose the ship and all the cargo, if not our lives, in the storms that are common here at this time of year.”  But the captain and the owner of the ship are more concerned with getting their cargo to port in time to make a decent profit.  They convince Julius that the ship will not survive the winter in the Fair Havens harbor, and that it would be better to try to reach the Phoenix harbor on the island of Crete, which runs northwest-southwest, before winter.  So Julius disregards Paul’s warning and the group prepares to set sail for Crete.


Acts 27:9-12


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