4/9/17 Is Paul Insane?

As Paul is concluding his words, Festus bursts out with a loud laugh and shouts, “Paul, this is ridiculous!  All your reading of Scriptures has made you insane!”  Paul stands there calmly and replies, “I assure you, most noble Governor Festus, that I am quite sane.  I speak only God’s Truth, though it is well known that the reason of God is insanity to men.”  He looks at King Agrippa now as he says, “The king, who has honored me in allowing me to speak before him of these things, knows that I speak the truth.  He has seen much of what I have spoken of, and I know that there is nothing in his kingdom that he is unaware of.  We who are followers of Jesus have not hidden ourselves away or done anything in secret.  We have proclaimed His message loud and clear for all the world to hear.  King Agrippa, do you believe the words of the Holy Scriptures?  I know that you do, because you are a Jew.”


Acts 26:24-27


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