4/8/17 Paul Confesses

“King Agrippa, I confess that I was changed at that very moment from a Pharisee seeking to rid the world of those who were following Jesus to a zealous follower of Jesus myself.  I obeyed the words of the voice from Heaven and went into Damascus, led by those in my party, since my sight had not yet been restored.  Once I was given my sight, I never looked back.  I immediately began the work that Jesus had given me to do, first in Damascus, then in Jerusalem, all over Judea, and finally from Judea to Asia, working with the Gentiles.  I took my message to the Jews first in every city I entered, passionately entreating them to turn to Jesus as their Messiah to save them from the penalty for their sins, and when they were unmoved by my words, I turned to the Gentiles, where Jesus’ message was eagerly received.  It is because of this that the Asian Jews attacked and tried to kill me while I was in the Temple.  But God has been with me, helping me every step of the way, just as Jesus told me He would while I was on the road to Damascus.  And so I live to stand here before you, having proclaimed Jesus’ message to rich and poor alike.  My words are not contrary to the Holy Scriptures.  I have said nothing against Moses or the Law of our people.  I speak the words that are written in the Scriptures and show how they have been fulfilled by Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah.  The Scriptures foretold that He would suffer and die for our sins, that He would be the first to rise from the dead, and that He would bring light to both the Jews and Gentiles, delivering the whole world out of darkness.”


Acts 26:19-23


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