4/7/17 Bringing Light To Those In Darkness

Paul continues his story.  “I took a group of men I trusted and set out for Damascus.  When we had almost reached the city, there suddenly appeared a light from Heaven.  It was around the middle of the day, and the sun was bright in the sky, but this light was much brighter than the sun.  The light shone on me and those with me, and it was so bright that we all fell to the ground.  I opened my eyes and found that the light had blinded me.  Then I heard a voice from Heaven, speaking to me in my native Hebrew.  The voice said, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you harassing Me?  You are like an ox, trying to kick back against the tool its master is using to keep it going on the right path, and it is hard for you.’  I was confused.  I asked, ‘Who are You, Lord?’  The voice answered, ‘I AM Jesus, the One you are harassing.  When you harass my people, you are harassing Me.  Now, stand up and listen, because I have come to you for a reason.  You will be My apostle.  I AM sending you to the Gentiles, to tell them about Me.  The blindness you are experiencing now is like the darkness that they live in.  I will restore your sight, just as you will lead them to My light, away from the power of Satan that holds them and to God’s forgiveness.  Their sins will be forgiven and washed away.  They will be adopted as sons and daughters of God, along with those Jews who also put their faith in Me to forgive their sins, and all who do so will be given a part of My inheritance as God’s Son – eternal life with Me in Heaven.  I will show you wonders, both here on earth and in Heaven, and will keep you safe from those who will hate you for My sake, both Jews and Gentiles, and you will be a witness for Me, spreading My message of forgiveness and love throughout the world.’”


Acts 26:12-18


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