4/6/17 When Paul Was Still Saul

Paul goes on, saying, “At first, I believed as these Jews do, that Jesus of Nazareth was a false Messiah, and that He was working against God.  Therefore, I felt that I must do all in my power to stop the spread of this new religion that was growing in His Name.  I began in Jerusalem, hunting down those who were known to be His followers and supporters.  I was given authority from the Sanhedrin to do this, and many of Jesus’ followers were imprisoned by my hand.  I was a part of the council that voted to have them killed for their crimes against God, and although I did not take part in these executions, I was there as a witness, and felt that I was working to bring justice for God.  I visited synagogue after synagogue, threatening these people with death unless they recanted their faith in this Jesus and returned to Judaism.  After I had terrorized them in Jerusalem, I learned that many of them had fled to other towns and even other counties in order to escape me.  I was enraged.  I could not allow this plague to spread to other nations.  So I went to the Sanhedrin and received authority to continue my search for these followers of Jesus in other nations as well.”


Acts 26:9-11


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