4/5/17 Paul Begins His Defense Before King Agrippa

Festus, having finished his introduction, steps back and defers to King Agrippa.  The king stands, gestures to Paul, and says, “We will hear your defense now.”  Paul nods and stretches out his arm, palm up, toward the King, in a gesture of respect for him.  His other arm is chained to the soldier who stands next to him.  “I consider myself blessed to have been given this opportunity today to speak to you for myself of all those things I have been accused of by the Jews, because I know that you, King Agrippa, have great knowledge of the laws and traditions of the Jews.  So I humbly ask for your patience in hearing what I have to say.  I have lived in Jerusalem as a Pharisee, which, as you know, is the strictest group in our religion.  If the Jews were willing, those who have lived their lives in Jerusalem could testify that I was zealous for God from my youth as a Pharisee.  Every Jew knows of the promise of the Messiah, and lives in hope of His coming.  Each of our twelve tribes seeks to serve God each day in hopes that He will send the Promised One.  But it is because of this hope, King Agrippa, that I am accused by people who spend their lives waiting for the fulfillment of that promise.  Why do people believe it impossible for God to raise the dead?  He is God!”


Acts 26:1-8


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