4/4/17 The Paul & Festus Show

Paul has only a few hours’ notice before he is brought to the center of Caesarea to present his case publicly, but he is well prepared.  He is confident in his faith, and he knows that God will give him the words He wants Paul to speak on His behalf.  King Agrippa and Bernice are announced with trumpets, and they process down the street, dressed in their finest royal attire and flanked by many attendants.  When everyone has assembled in the outdoor auditorium – all the nobles and rich men of the city, along with Festus, Agrippa, Bernice, and their soldiers and servants – Paul is led to the center of the stage.  Festus stands and addresses those assembled.  “King Agrippa and honored men, I have called you to hear this man Paul, who has been accused by the Jewish Sanhedrin.  They claim that he should not be allowed to live anymore, and requested that I condemn him to be executed for his crimes.  But upon hearing their accusations, I have found that this man has done nothing against Roman law, and certainly nothing deserving of death.  He has appealed to Caesar Augustus, and I am determined to send him.  However, I have not determined what I should write in my letter to Caesar about Paul and his alleged crimes against the Sanhedrin.  This is why I have brought him before you all, especially King Agrippa, to be heard publicly.  I wish to confer with King Agrippa after the prisoner has been heard, so that I might know what to write to Caesar concerning him, because it would be foolish for me to send a prisoner to him without knowing the exact charges against him.”


Acts 25:23-27


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