4/3/17 The King Is Intrigued

King Agrippa, having been raised as a Jew in the land of Israel, knows a lot more about Jewish law than Festus does.  He is also familiar with Paul, having heard stories about the man and his travels.  He has been curious about Paul for some time, but as king, has not wanted to stoop to the level of the common people and go to hear Paul for himself.  It strikes him that this is just the opportunity he has been waiting for.  He can satisfy his curiosity in a dignified, kingly way.  “I would like to hear this man’s story for myself,” he tells Festus.  Festus, happy to have some insight from the king on this matter, quickly agrees.  “I shall set up a public hearing for tomorrow.  I will have the soldiers bring Paul to the center of the city, and he can present his case before us all without the Sanhedrin interrupting every other sentence.”  The king is quite pleased.  He calls to his servants, commanding them to prepare his and Bernice’s best clothes for the public hearing the next morning.


Acts 25:22


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