3/29/17 The Jews Try Again With Festus

Festus spends a few days getting his affairs settled at the Praetorium in Caesarea, then makes the trip to Jerusalem to assess things there.  High Priest Ananias hears that the new governor is on his way to the city and assembles the Sanhedrin for an emergency meeting.  “We have another opportunity to get rid of Paul!” he announces.  “When the governor arrives, we must be ready.”  They decide to stick with the same plot they attempted two years ago – requesting that Paul be brought to Jerusalem to be questioned by the Sanhedrin, and attacking and killing Paul while he’s on his way to the city.  But Festus has read some of the reports of his predecessor, and he is ready for them.  “The prisoner Paul will remain in our custody in Caesarea,” he tells the Jews.  “I will be here in Jerusalem for about ten days, then I will return to Caesarea.  If there is anyone among you who has the authority to present your case against Paul, they may accompany me back to Caesarea.  I will hear both sides there and judge between you.”


Acts 25:1-5


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