3/28/17 Two Years Later

Felix and Drusilla discuss Paul and the Way after Felix has dismissed Paul.  They agree that this Way will not work for them, although the judgment to come that Paul spoke of is troubling.  But they are unwilling to change, even to escape punishment from Paul’s God.  Perhaps one of the Roman gods will save them from this punishment to come.  “I will keep him here, even though I don’t believe he is guilty of any wrongdoing.  Perhaps if I keep him here long enough, he will offer me a bribe for his release.  I know that he has many wealthy friends.”  So Paul remains in Felix’s custody, living in Herod’s Praetorium in Caesarea, for the next two years.  Whenever Felix feels like being amused, he calls for Paul to come and speak to him about Jesus.  And Paul, hoping each time that this will be the day that God calls Felix to be His own, speaks with all the conviction in his heart whenever the governor calls for him.  During this time, the Jews send report after report to Rome of Governor Felix’s misdeeds, because they are incensed with him for siding with Paul against them, among other things.  Finally, Emperor Nero removes Felix from his office and installs a new governor, Porcius Festus, in his place.  Nero is inclined to mete out further punishment to Felix, but Felix’s brother Pallas speaks up on his behalf and spares Felix.  As his final act as governor, Felix decides to keep Paul imprisoned, hoping that this will appease the Jews.


Acts 24:26-27


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