3/27/17 Felix & Drusilla Learn About Christianity

When Paul is summoned to come before Felix and Drusilla, he has no idea what to expect.  Does the governor wish to examine him again?  Is there another group of people who are accusing him?  Is he ready to render his judgment?  He wishes he had some time to pray first, but the centurion is waiting for him.  So he prays as they walk, asking God for His favor, and to give him the right words to say, thanking Him for His grace.  When Felix sits before Paul and says, “I want you to tell us about this Way,” Paul is shocked.  He offers up a quick silent prayer of thanks for this opportunity and asks God to open the hearts of the governor and his wife to the truth of Jesus’ message.  Then he begins to tell them about Jesus’ life and death and the grace and forgiveness He gives to all who will put their trust in Him.  He speaks of the changes that come when the Holy Spirit enters someone’s heart – a desire for goodness instead of living for sin, self-control, discipline, a hunger and thirst for God and His Word.  And finally, he talked about God’s judgment of sin and how everyone who has not put their faith in Jesus to save them from the punishment for their sins will be found guilty for the sins in their lives and will be required to give their lives as payment for those sins.  Felix and Drusilla grow more and more disappointed as Paul goes on.  They realize that this is much bigger and more real than they thought, and a cold hand of fear grabs hold of their hearts.  “Leave us,” Felix says abruptly, interrupting Paul.  “I will send for you again when I have time for you.”


Acts 24:25


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