3/26/17 Felix & Drusilla

Though not his first choice of residences, Paul begins to settle into his new home.  He has no idea how long he will have to stay, so he makes the most of his time there.  He speaks to anyone who is willing to listen, telling them about Jesus and His message.  Several days later, Felix brings his wife, Drusilla, to see Paul.  He is curious about this man and wishes to hear what he has to say when he is not standing trial for his life.  Drusilla is the daughter of Herod Agrippa, and while she is technically a Jewess, she has not behaved as one who fears God should.  She married Felix after committing adultery with him while she was still married to her first husband.  Neither Felix nor Drusilla has a wholesome reputation, nor do they wish to change that.  But still, they are curious.  They have heard people speak of the freedom this religion of the Way gives.  Maybe they can still live licentiously and be religious at the same time!  Felix calls Paul to come before him and asks Paul to tell him about this Way.


Acts 24:24


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