3/25/17 The Verdict…Sort Of

Governor Felix is familiar with the Way, or Christianity, that Paul is talking about.  One of his centurions, Cornelius, is a follower of the Way, as are several others he has come into contact with.  Felix knows that the Way is not a cult, as the Sanhedrin is claiming, and that its members are peaceful and loving people.  And besides all of this, Paul’s statements ring with truth, whereas his accusers are obviously seeking to use flattery to get the governor to look favorably at their side.  So he declares, “This case is adjourned until such time as I may hear from Commander Lysias in person.  After this, I will render my judgment.  He dismisses the Jews, who depart Caesarea in disappointment, and commands a centurion to take charge of Paul.  “I believe that this man has spoken the truth, and that he is trustworthy.  Let him have free roam of the Praetorium, and of Caesarea if he should choose to leave the building, as long as he is escorted.  His friends may come at their leisure to visit and attend to him.  But he is not to leave the city, and his activity is to be monitored, if only for his own safety.”


Acts 24:22-23


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