3/24/17 All They Have Is Lies

Paul continues in his defense before Governor Felix, “It has been several years since I have been in Jerusalem last.  I came twelve days ago in order to bring gifts and monetary offerings to my Jewish brothers and sisters on behalf of other believers in the Way across Asia.  When I arrived, I entered into a Nazirite vow with a few Jerusalem brothers.  When the Asian Jews who first accused me found me in the Temple, I was there to perform the purification rite in accordance with my vow.  I was not there with a crowd of people, and I was not stirring up any trouble.  You will notice, Governor, that those Asian Jews who accused me are not present now to make their case against me.  But even so, those who are here to accuse me cannot in truth tell you that they discovered me doing anything wrong, and they would not be able to find any reliable witnesses to corroborate their case.  The only thing that they can say against me is what I myself uttered in their presence when I stood before the council, ‘I am standing here being judged because of my belief in the resurrection of the dead!’”


Acts 24:17-21


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