3/23/17 Paul Begins To Present His Defense

Tertullus, satisfied with his opening speech, steps back, and Governor Felix nods to Paul, giving him the floor.  Paul steps forward and addresses the governor.  “Since I know that you have been the governor of this nation for several years, and so you know of our traditions and our laws, I now present my defense, confident in your ability to judge rightfully in this matter.  Firstly, it is a simple matter to prove that I came to Jerusalem twelve days ago, and my purpose in coming to the city was to worship, not to dishonor the Temple.  No one found me surrounded by crowds of people, or stirring up rebellion, in the synagogues, in the Temple, or in the city in general.  They cannot prove any of those things that they are accusing me of.  I will confess to you that I am a worshipper of the God of my forefathers, and that I adhere to what is written in our Holy Scriptures, in the Law of Moses and the books of the prophets, as a follower of the Way, that group that those who accuse me refer to as a cult.  As a Pharisee, I believe in the resurrection of the dead, both those who are good and those who are evil, as do many of my accusers.  Because of the strength of this belief in my heart, I always try to live in such a way that I please God and keep from offending people.”


Acts 24:10-16


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