3/22/17 The Jews’ Case Presented By Tertullus

Shortly after the Jews arrive, the governor orders Paul to be brought out.  He calls Tertullus forward, inviting him to speak first.  “Most excellent Governor Felix, we thank you for allowing us to be heard.  You have done great service for the Jews, bringing peace and prosperity to the nation, and we are ever thankful for all that you do.  We know that you are very busy, and we do not wish to be a burden to you, so if you please, we wish to present our case against this man briefly.  This man is a disease on our land.  He stirs up the people to rebellion wherever he goes, as the leader and spokesman for the cult of the Nazarenes.  We caught him dishonoring the temple, and we took him into our custody so that he could stand trial in accordance with our Law.  But before we had the chance to try him, Commander Lysias came with his soldiers and violently seized him, dragging him away to the barracks.  When we came to the barracks to question the prisoner, the commander informed us that he had sent the prisoner to you, most excellent Governor Felix, and that we would need to come here if we wanted to question him.  You may question the prisoner yourself to see if these accusations are true.”  Tertullus steps back and looks to the Jews, who all nod their agreement with his words.


Acts 24:2-9


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